Nichiden Seimitsu Kogyo(NSK) had started as the manufacturer of metal mold for the parts of telecommunication equipment in 1949. We have been creating the Japanese high-level manufacturing technologies with our craftsmanship & sensitivity. We have been launching the products for various industry fields such as the semiconductor products with ultraprecise mold processing, automotive parts, beauty & medical parts, etc.

Stamping Technology

Stamping Technology

World-class level ultraprecise "Stamping"
using our in-house manufactured molds.

Surface treatment processing

Surface treatment and punching process for materials plated or coated.

Manufacturing installations

Manufacturing installations

Know-hows of our craftsmanship technologies are integrated into the installations. which can satisfy various detailed requests.

Precise mold parts processing

We are working on manufacturing precise metal molds using our in-house manufactured machine-tools & processing technologies effectively.

Global development with overseas base

We can produce our products at overseas factories and can ship-out to all over the world.
The supply from NICHIDEN SEIMITSU MALAYSIA helps our quick support for the Asian customers.

Nichiden Seimitsu
Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.